RepTerraX Screen Cage 2.0 - Fresh Air Screen Habitat

The RepTerraX Screen Cage offers many advantages compared to a conventional terrarium. Because it is equipped on all sides with an aluminum mesh, optimum fresh air supply is ensured. This is one of the prerequisites for a successful keeping and breeding of chameleons. Because of its low weight, it is easy to transport and is therefore particularly popular to allow your pet to temporarily stay outdoors. When the weather is good, it is of course possible to keep it alltime outside. Not infrequently the mating time is initiated! In contrast to glass, which is UV-impermeable, the aluminum mesh used ensures an optimal supply of vital UV-Rays. A baseplate is included. If necessary, it can also be removed, so that the terrarium can be pushed over a small tree or bush. Our RepTerraX Screen Cage is also used indoors.


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